5 Things 2015 Taught Me

thank you for the things you taught me 2015

  1. Rules can and should be broken. After all, they are meant to serve you.
  2. No one is perfect in this world and that’s the beauty of it. Own your imperfections.
  3. Forgive.  Nothing clears your headspace as instantly.
  4. Live in the present without disregarding the future. It’s tough but oh so rewarding.
  5. Love people with their flaws and quirks, not in spite of them. Love may or may not be a choice, but it definitely isn’t a favor.

Goodbye 2015, it was fun while it lasted. Here’s to a better 2016! Happy new year everyone :)

17 thoughts on “5 Things 2015 Taught Me”

  1. “Sometimes we make a picture of someone’s character just by looking at their profile picture” – this is one of the things which have to taught us all either. You know anything about person if you never spoke to him/her in person (chatting, reading blogs and ect. not sure if can be counted). It is so easy to make an opinion about someone you don’t really know, but every time it is so wrong. P.S. it is really good taughs for all of you! Happy new year :)

    1. Your comment reminded me of these lines from Lana Del Rey’s Brooklyn Baby,”They judge me like a picture book. By the colors, like they forgot to read.”
      Happy new year :)

  2. Sometimes we make out a picture of someone’s character just by looking at their profile picture.it seems i got it wrong this time.you are a very nice person.i know when it comes writing meaningful things on bloging i am far behind you.Thanks for all the likes and i wish you and your family a very happy new year :)

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