7 Hilarious Tweets To Make You Smile On A Bad Day

People Amused By Hilarious Tweets
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Having a bad day? Tell me about it. Let these hilarious tweets help you feel better. After all, humor makes life more bearable, doesn’t it?

  1. Don’t know if it works, but that is one fun way to avoid chores!
    You Do The Dishes
  2.  Exercising is hard. So hard.
    Ugh exercise
  3. This is how you do black humor.
    Black humor
  4.  Binge-watching: admit it, you’ve done it at one point.
  5. Honestly, who doesn’t care? (Even if it’s only just a little).
     I do care sigh
  6. Ugh. Have I done this! What about you?
    Don't Laugh
  7. Dorky AND adorable.
    Polite PlugsWhich one of these Tweets made you smile?  Let me know in the comments below :)


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