Interview With The Publisher – Here’s What Went Down


Hours after publishing my last post, Prashant Karhade, the co-founder of APK Publishers, asked me if we could meet in person over the weekend to discuss my book. I excitedly replied with an emphatic yes. He made it sound casual (we were meeting in a cafe), but I knew it was going to be like applying for a job. Only this time,  the interview would be with the publisher, not someone from HR. I only hoped I was quick enough to answer all the questions he asked me.

I was nervous, yes, but I was also pretty sure that this was going to go well. It was just a vibe I got from his emails, and I started our conversation with this in mind.

Turns out my good feeling was legit. Not only did he like the book, but he was also ready to publish it as is. He said that unlike most first-time authors’ books, this one was finished. However, he had a brilliant suggestion which I said I would only be glad to implement. We had a long chat and he promised to get in touch with me by next week.

I am over the moon and can’t believe this is happening to me. It’s hard enough to find a publisher nowadays, let alone a good one like APK.  All I can say is, they were definitely worth the wait.

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