Fear Is Insidious

afraid puppy in blanket

Fear has latched onto my soul, with each passing day you strengthen your hold

Take my silver, take my gold, with you I never want to grow old

You mar every sight I see, swiftly douse my upper lip

Leave me hanging off a cliff, on reality loosen my very grip

Always cripple my will to be bold

Ah, just leave me before I am stone cold

2 thoughts on “Fear Is Insidious”

  1. Hope sweeps in where fear once was,
    Fiercely loosening its painful hold.
    Every scar and wound of loss,
    She binds shut with threads of gold.

    Love waits patient, aching to reveal,
    The gifts that have your name written
    For a broken heart that can’t hold peace,
    Would rather stay shut than get twice bitten.

    Truth be told, life’s a treacherous dance,
    Peace, love and hope get barely a chance
    But once they find you, they’re yours to keep
    For you sow in tears, in joy you’ll reap!


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