My Experience With Writer’s Block: A Poem

Writer's Block

Words should flow

That’s what the good books show

But not everybody knows

Sometimes the process really blows

10 thoughts on “My Experience With Writer’s Block: A Poem”

  1. Writer’s block IS real! There’s two cures (as far as I know): 1) just write anyway, you’ll be amazed what you come up with, and 2) have a drink, relax, and you’ll be amazed at how many ideas will start floating into your head.

    Hope you’ll get over the writer’s block soon!

    1. It sure is :/
      I got through it thanks to 1 :) That’s what I generally do when it shows up. Taking a break helps too…so does a shower. I don’t why, but I get a lot of ideas in the shower!

    1. Yes! It can get very frustrating, right? Especially when people think writer’s block isn’t real. Well, maybe it isn’t for them…

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