Not All First-World Problems Are Ridiculous

Cultural Conditioning Calvin and Hobbes

Life is never breezy

Whether you stress or whether you take it easy

Right in the midst of it, you’ll feel lost

Think what have I done to bear this cost

For your dilemma, there will be no answers

So you will play questions and panthers

The melody will make your mind drift

But as soon as it’s over, you’ll need another lift

The cycle of pleasure and despair will continue for a while

Till finally, you’ll forget how to smile

I’ve had enough you’ll finally scream

I need to relearn how to dream

You’ll enroll for yoga and delve into self-help

Try all you can do to hush that inner yelp

You’ll pretend it’s working when it’s really not

How can you be content when you’re never happy with your lot?


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