On Warped Hearts

In A Dilemma Heart Is Warped

Hearts are made up of light
A little escapes each time you fight

In and out of rabbit holes
Never knowing why the drama unfolds

You know it’s over, yet why do you stay?
What started as love has long been washed away

Years later you know you will regret it all
Yet you refuse to stop your free fall

Get out of your trance, leave that lair
You won’t make it past devil’s snare

18 thoughts on “On Warped Hearts”

  1. ” Years later you know you will regret it all ”

    You would be grateful for the lessons that the toxic relationship gave you.

    Nice poem.

      1. I remember a teacher who told us, “experience isn’t the best teacher, others experiences is the best teacher”. Beautiful write-up, though not easy, letting can be the best decision ever.

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