The Only Reason You Shouldn’t Kill Yourself


Death scares us, doesn’t it?
So final. So certain.
Yet we go out and seek it
By listening to our twisted minds.
These demons say the world won’t miss us,
Go on. Leave. Leave NOW.
There’s too much misery anyway.
Why do you think euthanasia exists?
And let’s not forget about Aokigahara.
Just one of the world’s many suicide spots.
Life’s hard, that’s a given.
It’s natural to want to exit right away.

But what happens when you give in;
Take the pills, wear the noose?
Whatever your method, escape isn’t guaranteed.
For better or worse, dying’s not easy,
Lasting bodily damage is.
Ask that girl who got a face transplant.
She’d take back the attempt if she could.
But she can’t; suicide’s evil like that.

If you make it to the other side,
It’s no win either.
Anything could happen
Like being trapped in a place neither here nor there.
Your final moments stuck on replay.
No perks, no distractions, no going back.
For all you know, this zone’s worse,
No amount of regret can make it go away.

So take a deep breath,
One step at a time.
Each day brings with it a promise,
A change either big or small.
Because nothing lasts forever.
Leave this land (or even try to)
And that imminent promise evaporates forever.
The next time you think of walking away
From the angst, frustration, and pain,
Promise me you’ll remember these words.
Then choose not to go anywhere.
Rest assured, death will visit someday.

Have you ever struggled with suicidal thoughts? What do you do to drive them away? Share your techniques in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “The Only Reason You Shouldn’t Kill Yourself”

    1. Mark, I am so glad to hear that. Please take good care of yourself and keep your hope alive in some way. Even a tiny ray of hope makes a significant difference. Keep pushing through the pain. You got this and life will get better.

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