#RedefineNormalToday – Brown Eyes Are The Most Beautiful

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Did you know that brown eyes are the most common color of eyes in the world? Did you also know that they are also the most beautiful? I am not saying this because I have brown eyes myself, the above picture of Penelope Cruz is proof that brown is best.

Brown eyes have depth and warmth like no other eye color. And if you like makeup, it is the eye color that allows one to carry off eyeliner and eye shadow shades of ALL colors – something which baby blues or hazels cannot pull off. Depending on the lighting, a brown pair of eyes will look either dark brown, black, tawny, and according to Quoran Ike Ralph, even wine red!

So while the rest of the world romanticizes blue, green, and gray eyes, and they are lovely but nothing beats brown eyes for me.

PS For those who say brown is the color of poop, all I have to say is one word: chocolate.

This post is a part of The Normal Project. 

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