#RedefineNormalToday: It’s Normal To Not Love Yourself Sometimes

#RedefineNormalToday It's Okay To Not Love Yourself Sometimes
Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

The self-love club doesn’t usually say this, but it should: it’s normal to not love yourself sometimes. When a loved one hurts you, you dislike or hate them for some time, right?

Similarly, if you do something deplorable, it’s healthy to dislike or hate yourself for some time.  If you feel good about yourself regardless, you are not likely to learn from your mistake.

Feeling bad about yourself when you mess up indicates an active conscience. So instead of suppressing your negative self-perception, sit with it and understand the root cause. That’s the only way to grow from the experience and stop hating yourself. To love yourself, you have to accept your flaws and mistakes.

PS If you experience self-hate often or all of the time, it may be a sign of depression. Make sure to consult a therapist for an official diagnosis.

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