#RedefineNormalToday – Always A Woman

Listen up, society: I look and feel like a woman even when my lips aren’t curved into a smile. Stop telling me to smile more so that you feel more comfortable around me. I am not a toy that you can control or play with.

I am just as human as you, which means I will smile and scowl depending on my mood. Your whim doesn’t mean a thing to me.

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7 thoughts on “#RedefineNormalToday – Always A Woman”

  1. All coins have two sides. If I meet a female friend who is clearly down for a reason (no smile), then I will often suggest that she smiles. Not only does it have therapeutic value, but it can also open the door to conversation and perhaps valued alternative perspectives on the issue. I would do the same for a male friend.

    Of course I would not treat a total stranger (male or female) in the same manner.

    1. Right you are, Colin. You sound like a great friend by the way :)

      I am talking about those people who don’t know the female yet tell her to smile. It’s invasive and kind of creepy.

      1. Well that is plain ignorant and should be treated accordingly! You have choices however. You can choose to get involved, or you can choose not to. In this example, it’s a bit of no-brainer surely. Treat ignorance with the contempt it deserves and move on. :)

    1. People I barely know have told me to smile more often. Apparently, girls should always be happy no matter what. What I want to know is – who are they to define what’s feminine or masculine? Ugh.

      1. Yes,
        I was just pointing out that girls should always be happy,.
        They are like mother nature, if they are green; there is always paradise,
        If they are unhappy; there can be drought, famine, becomes unpleasant to stay in those areas.

        But i would only advise someone to smile if i knew them well enough to know whats going on with them, just going out to random female and telling them to be happy without knowing whats going on with them would be awkward.

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