#RedefineNormalToday – Distracting Noses


distracting nose Mahevash

Of late, noses (including my own) have become a huge distraction for me. It’s hard for me to look away sometimes.

Come to think of it, it’s quite funny. I hope I can rid myself of this peculiar fixation before I get the ‘my eyes are up here’ non-verbal cue.

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2 thoughts on “#RedefineNormalToday – Distracting Noses”

  1. Don’t know about the topic, but yes the caption did remind me of some people ( professors specially),
    and now everyday i have to deal with these so called DISTRACTING NOSES, its like they are everywhere, and if you might just concentrate hard enough you can literally see everyone’s noses hitting each others.
    And somewhere you’re just trying fit yourself amongst these, unable to decide whether you want to clear this mess or be a part of it.( though the latter seems impossible, and the former is next to impossible.)

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