#RedefineNormalToday – Glambert For Life

My Adam Shirt

Whenever I wear this shirt that reminds me of Adam Lambert (owing to the hat), I can’t help but smile. No matter how blah I am feeling on the inside. I am a huge fan or in Adam Lambert fanspeak, a Glambert for life forever. Although I have been judged for liking a gay man that likes to wear makeup (big deal!), that hasn’t stopped me from publically expressing my adoration for him.

This is not your average fangirl moment. I don’t adore him because of his breathtaking voice or stunning face. What I love about him is how he has fully embraced who he is. The man is simply unafraid to be true to himself – and that’s what makes him shine so bright.

Among many other things, he has reaffirmed my belief in how banal ‘normal’ is. And I cannot thank him enough for that. Check out this video and tell me he is not convincing:

Anyway, he turns 36 today, so if you are reading this Adam, here’s wishing you a very happy birthday! Keep doing you❤️

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3 thoughts on “#RedefineNormalToday – Glambert For Life”

  1. Adam is hands down the best performer of our generation. An all-round great guy really. He has inspired me to be authentic as well and for that alone, I am a glambert for life too.

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