#RedefineNormalToday: Men With Daddy Issues

Men with Daddy Issues Redefine Normal Today

Be honest: you thought the title ‘men with daddy issues’ is a joke, didn’t you?


Whenever we talk about daddy issues, it is always with reference to females. It is never even implied that males can have them. This is messed up because of course, men with daddy issues are just as real as women with daddy issues. After all, they are a gender-neutral problem. According to Psychology Today, “Daddy issues is a term that describes the effects of the emotional wounds inflicted on a child from an emotionally unavailable father. Those wounds, if left unhealed, may lead you to look for external validation from men to know your worth.”

Daddy issues show up in men in various ways, some of which are mentioned in this GoodMenProject article.

Let’s stop shaming women for having daddy issues. Men have them too, the only difference is daddy issues impact and show up in men differently than they do in women. In fact, let’s stop shaming anyone with them and work on fixing said issues instead.

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