#RedefineNormalToday – On Age And Respect

Ebenezer Scrooge
Image Source: The Guardian

Old age does not entitle anyone to respect. Just like everybody else, they have to give it to earn it. One cannot demand respect if they have done nothing to deserve it.

By nothing, I  don’t mean they have to be rich, educated or wise. All I ask for is that they don’t do stuff like talking down to younger people just because things were different in their time,  giving unrequited advice and opinion, and basically being all-around controlling because they think they always know what’s best.

If you are elderly and have something constructive to say, by all means, go ahead and say it. But be sure to say it in a polite manner, so that your message is actually heard. Being older does not mean you can get away with all kinds of inappropriate behavior. The same rule applies for younger folks too, of course.

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2 thoughts on “#RedefineNormalToday – On Age And Respect”

  1. Sadly, a lot of people simply do not get this concept. In my own family, some old people think they can say anything to the young ones and the young ones should simply listen quietly and do as they are told instead of being “disrespectful” by defending themselves and their point of view. What gives? And then these elders wonder why they do not get enough respect! I wish they understood that respect is a two-way street.

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