The Normal Project

Normal Whoopi Goldberg Quote

Many of us suppress who we really are to avoid being labeled a freak or a weirdo.  Caught up in the age-old human desire to fit in and be seen as normal, we put on suffocating masks that prevent us from being true to ourselves. Over time, some of us manage to rip off our masks and walk free. Others aren’t so lucky.

How did things get to be this way? Each one of us has a different personality, mindset, and life story. What’s normal for you might be weird for me, and vice-versa. Why then does anybody get to decide what’s normal and what isn’t? Especially since nobody is normal in the true sense of the word?

We all have distinguishing thoughts, mannerisms, and quirks that make us an individual. Being different is something that should be celebrated, not locked up like a shameful secret. And can you imagine how boring life would be if all of us were exactly the same?

It is only when you accept all of you that you can truly be comfortable in your own skin and shine. So go ahead, tell the world who you really are. Head over to your preferred social media channel and declare something you have always had trouble sharing. Use the hashtag #RedefineNormalToday to get others to see the light and join you. Starting today, let’s redefine normal.