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Hey there! I noticed I’ve been getting reader emails with similar questions, so I decided to put together this page. Here you will find resources that will help you and enable you to help someone else.

 Dealing With Mental Health Issues

Living With Low-Functioning Depression:

Depression & Work:


Imposter Syndrome:

Low Self-Esteem:



Suicide Prevention:

Addiction & Mental Health Resources for Parents:

Being Authentic & Aware

Why It’s Awesome To Be Different:

‘No Means No’ Applies To Everything In Life:


Why Hustle Culture Is Toxic:

Mental Health for Black and African American Students:

The Myth Of Unconditional Love:

Powerful Affirmations & Poetry

30 Empowering Affirmations Ebook:

44 Positive Affirmations For Depression:

In Search of Happiness (Healing Through Mental Health Poetry):

Social Causes

My List On Amazon India:

Signs and Symptoms of Cell Phone Addiction:

Does Social Media Impact Substance Abuse:

12 Offensive Hashtags We Need To Stop Using:

Remote Working & Mental Health:

Providing REAL Mental Health Support At Work:

Understanding Social Media & Body Image:

The Ultimate Guide To Internet Safety:

Pandemic-Specific Issues

5 Ways To Build Pandemic Resilience:

Pandemic Trauma & Depression:

How To Be Successful In The Worst Economy:

Social Media and Youth Mental Health: How to Find Balance After Pandemic Spikes in Use:

Life Lessons Learned From The COVID-19 Pandemic:

Benefits of Therapy & Psychiatry: