Work With Me

Writing is my first love and I am always looking for creative projects to keep the fire burning. These are the services I offer:

Blog posts, articles, and cartoons: With two and a half years of experience in blogging and content writing, I create blog posts and articles that are shareable, to the point and easy to understand.  I am also a budding cartoonist – just take a look at the cartoons in my book. I am open to sponsored content as well.

Guest posts and ghostwriting: Think your blog needs a new voice? I would love to connect with your audience through my guest posts. If you want both the words and the credit, hire me as a ghostwriter. I promise to stay true to your values.

Co-authoring your non-fiction book:  Being an author myself, I know how easy it is to get stuck while writing a book. Collaborate with me to make your writing journey easier.

Click here to check out my writing portfolio.

Interested? Got something exciting going on that’s not listed here? Have some questions on your mind? Send me an email at