My Writing Portfolio

So you want to know my writing style before you hire me? Smart move. Check out my writing portfolio below:


Christopher McCandless sitting in front of his magic bus
1. What Christopher McCandless Taught Me About Mental Health at The Spill
Category: Arts, Mental Health


2. In India, A Divorced Woman Is Branded For Life. This Is What It’s Like To Be One at HuffPost
Category: Culture & Society, Personal Essay

Isn’t it high time we personalised productivity
3. Isn’t it high time we personalised productivity? at The South African

Category: Opinion, Productivity, Career

Feminism: what does it really stand for?

4. These Comics & Memes Explain What Feminism Really Is at The Woman Inc.
Category: Culture & Society, Gender Issues

#YouMightBeAbleist If Jobless Is Your Favourite Insult
5. #YouMightBeAbleist If Jobless Is Your Favourite Insult at Conscious Being

Category: Disability, Mental Health

Millennials And Online Compliments

6. Millennials, Whatever Happened to the Honest Compliment? at The Quint
Category: Culture & Society, Lifestyle

artificial intelligence chatbots

7. Why Indians are turning to AI chatbots to deal with mental disorders at Scroll
Category: Mental Health, Journalism


8. How I Learnt To Not Be Flattered By Objectification at Feminism In India
Category: Gender Issues, Culture & Society


9. I stopped taking my anti-depressants during lockdown and it left me suicidal at Metro
Category: Mental Health, Personal Essay

black humor the niche website
10. Six Things You Can Do To Help People Survive The Coronavirus at The Niche
Category: Black Humor, Culture & Society

news for the mighty mahevash shaikh

11. Freelance mental health writer at The Mighty
Category: Mental Health, News

Mahevash Shaikh HealthyPlace Blogger

12. Blogger of ‘Work and Bipolar or Depression‘ at HealthyPlace
Category: Work, Mental Health

6 Therapist-Approved Ways to Deal With a Trauma Anniversary

13. 6 Therapist-Approved Ways to Deal With a Trauma Anniversary at HelloGiggles
Category: Journalism, Mental Health

covid-19 vaccine vial

14. Why Global Vaccine Inequities Are Harming People with Disabilities at World Institute on Disability 
Category: Journalism, Disability, Health, Culture & Society

dr sonja stribling interview mahevash

15. I’m a CEO, army veteran, book author, and divorced mom—and here’s what I’ve learned about success so far at Ladders
Category: Interview, Work, Career

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