Don’t Know What To Do After College? There Are No Jobs Anyway

Don't Know What To Do After College There Are No Jobs Anyway

I graduated from college in 2013, exactly ten years ago.

The job market back then was bad but not as terrible as it is today. Regardless, things were not in my favor. All I had was an IT engineering degree with zero job offers and no idea what to do next. It took me about a year to figure out that I wanted to pursue writing instead of something IT-related. But I didn’t choose writing on an impulse. First, I had to see if there was an IT job I could tolerate and do reasonably well; after all, I had invested ample time and money to earn my degree. I took courses in programming and testing that helped me understand just how unfit I was for the IT industry; I had neither any aptitude nor interest.

As the software field was not right for me, I switched to writing in 2014.

Due to health issues, I took up freelance writing instead of working a traditional 9 to 5 job. Initially, it was tough to break even, let alone profit, in the world of freelancing. It took me a few years to get the hang of the industry. Some personal issues slowed me down as well, but by 2019, I had made reasonable progress. And then the pandemic happened and disrupted the world as we knew it. From 2020 to 2023, the job market has only become tougher.

Consequently, the class of 2023 is unlikely to have the luxury of experimenting and finding a job that feels right.

Many prominent companies have laid off experienced employees to cut costs. There are some jobs available for fresh graduates, just “not exactly in the field or the exact role that they had thought about when they initially started their job search.” The class of 2023 will be “lucky” to find any job in what some are calling “the toughest job market in years”. They might have to freelance while they job hunt — and trust me, the pool of freelancers has never been as crowded as it is now.

It’s time for young job seekers to get practical.

In an ideal world, the answer to a problem of this magnitude would be a universal basic income. Sadly, it may or may not happen in the real world. So what can young graduates do to get hired? First off, they need to lower their expectations; they are not going to get their dream job anytime soon. This is not me being cynical, it is something CNBC has addressed too:
A lot of grads have a specific idea of what type of job they want after graduation. But you can benefit from casting a wide net: Apply to a lot of jobs and be open to jobs in other industries that might be looking for your skill set. Landing a job may come down to a numbers game.

The Great Resignation has turned into the Great Layoff, and the class of 2023 has ample reasons to worry about sustaining themselves. It’s time for graduates to evaluate their skill sets and apply to jobs accordingly. Thanks to free and affordable online courses, they can also learn new skills to get hired. And of course, they have to apply to as many jobs as possible while also taking care of their mental health. Until some higher power steps in, the most anyone can do is try their best. Oh, and side hustles may become *unavoidable* this year.

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