Monday Motto: Everything That Begins Must End


It’s back.

The most dreaded day of the week.

Well, everything that begins must end.

As with everything in life, keep moving forward and you’ll make it through.

25 thoughts on “Monday Motto: Everything That Begins Must End”

  1. I loved this line- ‘keep moving forward and you’ll make it through’. It fits perfectly for all the situations in life.

    Regarding dreaded Mondays, it’s no more ‘dreaded’ for me. It was during the ‘schooling and college era’.

    Short posts create curiosity for lovely readers to jump onto and share their feelings. Great grab. :) :D

  2. I have never understood the negative fixation on Mondays. Mondays are opportunities to generate the satisfaction of doing your work well; of seeing your work colleagues again; of earning an income. If those aspects cannot be applied to your particular work, then Mondays are the first working day of the week when you can contemplate contacting other potential employers. If your mail service does not work over the weekend, then a Monday is the earliest day of the week when you can send off resumes. Mondays are just loaded with opportunities which you could be taking advantage of and (bonus) you will have the advantage of knowing that so many others are inactive because of their perception of Mondays! :)

    1. You are right but the annoying thing about Mondays is that it is the first day of work after two days’ rest. One tends to feel quite lazy because of that!

      1. But aren’t you excited at getting back to your choice of work… seeing the people you like there… the fact that it provides an income… the job satisfaction etc. etc. ?

      1. Pretty awesome,
        Ups and downs are part of life. But otherwise it’s sweet, didn’t mention before, but I’m doing dual jobs in the same company, different firms, everyday is new to learn and challenges; handling two jobs .
        The root cause of all ? makes you do so much

          1. Thanks.
            All the best for your book.
            Keep fighting is the motto.
            Nice conversation, early morning starters, yes it’s 10.30am here. Only 2 hours since my duty began.

          1. Not much of choice, have to go according to work environment.
            But it’s a better arrangement, some companies don’t give Saturday as holiday, so it’s very nice for me, but me being an IT guy have to be ready round the clock as anything can come up anytime.

          2. Definitely, if you think negative, then it’s like quick sand, you keep going more deeper.
            Mostly in times of out of control situations, I take a deep breath and say to myself that things are already bad, let’s not make it worse by panicking, try to find silver lining, and try to make it work out.
            We all go through this in daily life, from getting nervous in picking a glass of water in front of board members to completing a big project.

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