Kim’s Convenience Proved That All Asians Are Alike – And That’s A Good Thing

Kim's Convenience Proved That All Asians Are Alike
Image Via Asian CineVision

When I say all Asians are alike, I’m not being racist. How could I? I’m Asian too, specifically South Asian. I’m Indian, the Kims are Korean. But we have so much in common that it blows my mind!

Our struggles are similar. We face “sneak attacks” from our parents, have immense social pressure regarding education, work, marriage, reputation. We are only accepted when we are model minorities, and so on.

If Asians all over the world refuse to come together, we will continue to be othered and pushed to the fringes. Kim’s Convenience was canceled without any reason, wasn’t it?

Don’t give me the “it was just a show” line. The cancellation of Kim’s Convenience is a huge loss for Canadian and Asian representation in media. While it was light-hearted, it did not put anyone in a box. Each character was distinct and unlike most sitcoms, racist stereotypes were not punchlines.

Well, the show hasn’t gone on but we can carry forward its legacy in the real world. Let’s put an end to stereotypes that dictate who we should be (smart, geeky, polite, etc). Let’s create safe spaces where we can be authentic instead of giving in to the pressure of racial conformity. 

The Atlanta spa shootings (among other instances of hate crimes) are horrific and on the rise due to the pandemic.  Thanks to racist people like Donald Trump, many people think COVID-19 is a “Chinese virus”. The video below demonstrates anti-Asian violence and discrimination – and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Asians everywhere need to stand up for each other for anti-Asian racism to end. For that matter, all marginalized folks must support each other to combat white supremacy. And white allies, we need your solidarity more now than ever.

We are more than model minorities who need to compete with each other for the approval of white people. We are human beings who have as much of a right to live as anyone else.

To help stop AAPI hate, support the following organizations:

Ok see you.

Life's better when you are aware of your surroundings.

Life's better when you are aware of your surroundings.

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