Mahevash Muses Turns Five!

mahevash muses turns five
Feb 15, 2015.

That’s the day I set up a blog called Mahevash Muses on a free WordPress account. I started the blog only because it was one of the assignments of a writing course I was taking at the time. But long after the class was over, I kept coming back to it. For it was my safe space, the one place I could simply write without having to worry about rules like word limits and style guides.

About two years later, I switched to a self-hosted website because I wanted to be unrestricted by censorship. (If you are on a free account, please know that your blog might be deleted without any warning.) I also wanted a proper website as I was about to release my first book Busting Clichés into the world and a URL like ‘’ hardly looks professional on an author bio, does it?

By then, the website had grown on me and even though there were times when I wanted to give up on it, I didn’t. One way or another, I always managed to talk myself out of abandoning this feral child.

I call it feral because, until most of 2017, it was all over the place (aka it looked cluttered and ugly) and wasn’t 100% true to me like it is now. My posts were of course, honest, but they were always a little restrained. Plus, while I spoke up about contemporary, taboo social issues,  I didn’t have the strength to talk about mental illness on a public platform. Even though I wanted to, the very real fear of judgment and trolls held me back.

It was only in 2018 that I threw up my hands, said *fuck society*, and decided to regularly spread mental health awareness along with my all-around unconventional views.

When people began to write in saying they could relate and that they felt better knowing they were not alone, I realized that this space had become something much bigger than me.

The honesty in my words was the reason I was able to have some achingly vulnerable and inspiring conversations. Without planning to, I had finally met my kind of humans – and I wanted to keep meeting more of them. After all, I had been searching for them for most of my life…

Mahevash Muses then became a mission to connect with like-minded people and ensure that they were seen and heard, that they could be whoever they wanted to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY. The misfits, the rulebreakers, the truth-seekers – that’s the kind of individuals I have been lucky to connect with over here. And the mission continues to date.

Ever since I put up the ‘Work With Me‘ page, not only have I been able to feature some unique folks and organizations, but I have also managed to make some money. Right now, it’s not enough to justify the time and website costs, but with your continued support and patronage, I know I will get there soon. I am even thinking of setting up a Patreon account but I haven’t figured out what exactly you’d want from me. If you have any ideas or suggestions, you know where to find me, right? Just email me at

As we turn five today, I can confidently say that you and I have many, many years to look forward to.

I will be right here, talking about our fears, hopes, problems, and dreams, no matter how hard it gets. I have finally found my tribe after years of searching and we are only going to get bigger, better, and weirder. Here’s to us!

What’s a birthday without some gifts? Send me an email at telling me what exactly you like/love about Mahevash Muses and I will send over a personalized note telling you exactly why and how much you matter to me.  

7 thoughts on “Mahevash Muses Turns Five!”

  1. First of all a big congratulations.
    Having a dream isn’t a problem at all. But when it comes to take first step towards your passion, you gonna fight with everyone. I am glad you have done it well and still going strong. All the best. Keep writing.😊😍

  2. The quote at the very beginning about ‘everything in life is writable’ is so very true and relatable and self-doubt kills skills one possesses. Oh, and congrats on completing 5 years!

  3. You make me feel like it’s okay to be different, no matter how much I am ridiculed for it. I am openly gay, openly depressed for years now and it’s things like these that have led to me losing friends and scaring away romantic partners. But its worth it because walking around with a mask only to fit in is suffocating. I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for what I am not. Anyway congrats on being here for 5 years! Please keep the mental health poems coming xx

  4. Yasss! 5 years and counting! So glad to be a part of your tribe! Let’s keep kicking ass and being weird! ♥️

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