Nobody Saw This Coming!

Surprised Face EmojiWhen I shared my book cover with you guys last month, I mentioned that my book would be out in February. I never gave a specific date as things were still undecided. The tentative launch day was February 25, but chances were high that it would be postponed (again). I hoped and prayed that the venue would be available this month. And just a few days back, I got to know that there was, in fact,  just one day – February 18. Talk about too soon! I couldn’t decide whether I should go for it or not.

After sleeping on it, I said yes. Even though I was in no way ready to face a crowd and my book was only ready as a pdf at the time! I am still worried about the speaking bit and getting the hard copies on time,  but I realized that keeping my word is far more important. And I really didn’t want to delay it anymore. I didn’t see any point waiting for a someday when I had a certainty now.  Anyway, this is what landed in my inbox yesterday:

Book Launch Invitation

I can’t believe this is finally happening! Strange how life works sometimes. There I was, working on a trailer for my book to share with you’ll, pretty sure that the launch would be postponed to next month or so. And bam! Out of nowhere, it ends up being preponed.

So this is how the event will proceed:

First, they will display an introductory slideshow for each author.  Then, each of us will get maximum ten minutes to speak about—and read from—our books.

This will be followed by a group Q&A with the moderator,  after which the audience will ask questions if they wish to.

Whew! It doesn’t sound too demanding, but for a shy introvert with anxiety, it is pretty unnerving. Well, I am ready with a speech and have been practicing quite a bit. (Yes, I enrolled in a class). Now all I can do is hope for the best.  Do remember me in your prayers, friends…I really do need all the prayer I can get! Also, if any of you are in Pune, India and can make it, please do stop by. Click here to view the event details.

Side note: what do you think of the new header and logo? Let me know :)

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11 thoughts on “Nobody Saw This Coming!”

  1. Oh Mahevash, I am so happy for you! This is great! :D And don’t worry about the speaking too much: you put your heart and soul into your book, speak with passion about your passion and you’ll do great! I’ll bet ya the evening will fly by and you’ll have a blast!

    As for the new look of your site: I love it! The header and logo look great ;)

  2. When first introduced to the stress of public speaking, I was advised of two things:
    1. When speaking, hold eye contact with somebody for a few moments, and then move on to another person etc. Speaking to a “generic room” does little to hold their attention.
    2. Practice the above as often as you can with whatever you have available. I used to line up a row of teddies and practiced on them. None ever complained! Dolls would work just as well!

    Congratulations, and all the very best. :)

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