On Losing And Regaining Hope…And The Role Of Purpose

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Of late, I’ve been feeling restless. Heavy. As if the writing work I do doesn’t matter as much as I thought it did. Because yes, it impacts people, but how much does it impact them?

So a few months ago, I set about to rediscover my purpose in life. And when I thought I found it, I wrote about it for Addicted2Success.

I’m now studying for a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from IGNOU and to be honest, I’m terrified. As much as I keep myself educated about psychology, the curriculum is vast and demanding. But at least, I’ve got my hope back. I have something to look forward to again. I think I’ll do a good job at counseling people as I am good at giving problem-specific advice. And honestly, I feel that for most people, seeing a counselor is a better option as compared to seeing a therapist.

Writing will always be important to me. But after 7 years (and a few months) of doing it exclusively, I have realized that it’s not my sole purpose in life. And that’s okay.

If for some reason, you’ve lost hope too, hold on. Give yourself time and open your heart to change. And then, explore yourself and the world around you. You are sure to find your purpose and it will make you feel a little more hopeful again.

Remember, your purpose doesn’t have to be about what you do for a living. It can be anything that makes your life feel meaningful.

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