5 Reasons Introverts Hate Extroverts

Stick Figures Via Rusty Arcade

Yes, you read that right. Us introverts hate them extroverts. To be honest, we can’t stand them. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. They feed off of our life force

Not that we’re antisocial, but spending too much time around people—extroverts in particular—drains us. So much so that we need a few hours or days of alone time to recharge our batteries. So basically, extroverts and introverts have a vampire-human relationship. What’s to love about that?

2. They can’t take a hint and keep talking

As the cartoon above shows, extroverts miss the social cues that indicate they should stop hogging the conversation and listen to others speak for a change. And for heaven’s sake, spare us the oversharing and small talk. We’d like to get to know you as a person over time, not all at once.

3. They judge us too soon

As if sucking up our energy and misreading our silences isn’t enough, extroverts have the gall to mislabel us ‘cold’, ‘antisocial’, or ‘unfriendly’. The worst part? They do so without even getting to know us. Maybe instead of being quiet when they are in the middle of their jibber-jabber, we should tell them to “please stop talking” like Regina George. And for really good measure, also hit them with “stop trying to make small talk happen. It’s not going to happen.”

4. They steal our spotlight

In most conversations, introverts take time to respond because we think a lot before we speak. So before we get to formulate a reply, extroverts proceed with the conversation by speaking for us as well. Thus, our thoughts barely ever get converted into words at social events. Which results in us being thought of us as dull or stuck up.

5. They claim they can fix us

Say what? We were never broken in the first place. Believe it or not, not everybody wants to be an extrovert. We don’t care to be the life of every damn event we host or attend. So stop thinking you need to teach us social skills that go against our very nature. And for the record, introverts and shyness are NOT synonymous. One can be both shy and an introvert though.

I could go on to list a few more reasons why introverts like me despise extroverts with a passion. But who’s got the time for writing that list? Not me.

Please note that this is all very tongue in cheek. We do not hate extroverts for their charming and outgoing ways. We only wish they were more inclusive of folks who aren’t like them. I have never met an extrovert who didn’t offend me by committing these cardinal sins.

We get it. You guys have the ability to make the most drab event LIT. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us are any less awesome. After all, the world needs introverts and ambiverts just as much as it needs extroverts.

Do you identify as an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert? How did this article make you feel? Go ahead and spill in the comments below.

PS If you are interested in knowing more about introverts and our many talents, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain is all you need to understand and appreciate us. Click on the image below to get your own copy of this powerful book on Amazon.

30 thoughts on “5 Reasons Introverts Hate Extroverts”

  1. The Ambivert who's a chatterbox

    So after reading this, I think I appreciate Introverts a little more, however, not all Extroverts are like this. I’m not an Extrovert, just an Ambivert who’s really talkative when you make friends with her, as my name states, but Extroverts don’t always feed off of your life force, can’t take a hint and stop talking, judge you too soon, steal your spotlight, and claim they can fix you. In fact, they try to help you.

  2. For some people who claim not to like how much extroverts talk. Y’all sure type a lot of words. Maybe not everyone can read your minds. Maybe we people are just being kind when they try to talk to you. Anyway. You’ll survive.

  3. I’m an extravert. Small talk is more often than not a chore to me. I’ll probably spend a minute or two formulating a comprehensive sentence before saying it to you, but that actually doesn’t make me an introvert. I get my energy from being with others. Surprise surprise, I doubt myself 90% of the time and feel like I’m an idiot pretty much always. I get tired after a big day so communicating with others becomes actually burdening instead of energizing sometimes. I try to pick up whether the people I’m talking to are uncomfortable with that as much as I can, and try to kill the conversation if they are, or more to a topic they’re actually interested in. Not all extraverts are what you stated. They also most likely do care if you’re uncomfortable, so telling them would be a win-win. P.S.A, being quiet and never sharing your knowledge with others because you know they’re too braindead to get it doesn’t actually make you an intellectual, just edgy with an intellectual complex.

    1. being quiet doesn’t mean I’m edgy or I have an intellectual complex. there are people who are simply just rational, keeping things to themselves, doing sensible things, avoiding pointless stuff, there’s a bunch of quiet introverts like these, or simply they could just be shy/socially anxious (which anyone shouldn’t really shame them for). some introverts just think things too deeply that it’s pointless to talk with people at all, and extroverts, who basically rely on the presence and judgment of other people would think they’re just cold, selfish, mentally unstable beings when really, they’re just minding their own time. but over the course of life, when the quiet, reserved, introvert would be shunned by his extroverted environment, he becomes more and more infatuated with thoughts of social incompetence and eventually flails at his dreams of being a behavioral psychologist. No. but really, extroverts need to be accepting towards introverts… because, it’s not that we hate extroverts, it’s that when extroverts don’t empathize and don’t understand us, we f***in hate that.

  4. I want to take as nuanced and non confrontational a stance on this as I can and not piss off all the extroverts (being someone who is largely introverted, I believe) but Susan Cain’s book on the subject “Quiet” I think sheds a decent light on what I think the core problem is; Empathy, or lack thereof. If it’s true that the paradigm for the last several decades has been to push extroverted qualities as being the ideal to strive for while essentially (and by definition condemning) those individuals and ideals with introverted qualities….doesn’t that by definition prove that extroverts (generally speaking, of course. If you’re an extroverted exception, congratulations. Not everyone can win the lottery so the rest of us won’t bother spending lots of money on lotto tickets, if you catch my drift ) fit the general stereotype of being somewhat impulsive, attention seeking, unempathetic, a bit too dopamine driven, etc? I’m pretty sure studies have come out that have suggested that in some cases introversion can be as useful and effective in certain situations, if not more so, than it’s more aggressive counterpart. The fact that the “movement” has lasted as long as it has should give everyone an indicator as to how powerful, influential and, also in this case and perhaps most importantly, wrong (and in my opinion more dangerous than most people realize) the extroversion ‘collective consciousness” is. It basically confirms what introverts have already felt forever now about ‘the other side”. O.K., maybe that wasn’t so nuanced…….

  5. SocietyKissesExtrovertAss

    Neither group is better than the other. Unfortunately society kisses the asses of extroverts more than introverts. Introverts have to bend over and twist into all kinds of uncomfortable shapes to appease the extroverts. However, do the extroverts do whatever it takes to make the introverts more at ease?

    “Oh. It’s ok. I know you had a big day today. We can cancel plans. No big. I get it.”

    Nope. It’s, “What? You don’t like me! Why don’t you want to talk? What do you mean you need to rest! How can you do this to me?!”

    Imagine if extroverts were told to be quiet for a whole day. No visiting anyone. Just sit and read a book for the day. They would go insane.

    “Hey. Let’s go read a book and then sit under the tree and think deep thoughts for hours!”

    “Uh. Sounds lovely, but I want to go to talk to a group of my friends.”

    Imagine if introverts said, “Oh! You hate me! Why dont you want to sit here for hours thinking of deep things like the meaning of life! Fine! Just go run off like that!”

    Introverts give a lot more it seems and are required if not force to give more in this society to the extroverts that suck it up and refuse to do their part in the give and take.

    Note: This refers only to those extroverts who are guilty of this. Not all extroverts act in this selfish manner. The “My way or the high way” mentality. or the “I’m extrovert. You introvert. Me better. Me smarter. You dumber.”

    Then there are the ambiverts in the midst of all this perhaps running for cover.


  6. Everything described in this article describes a person with ADHD!! And for the record introverts and extroverts can have ADHD. I also know MANY MANY MANY introverts that have anxiety disorder and when they are in social situations they get SUPER hyper and do all of the above. I am an extrovert and do not have ADHD or anxiety disorder. because I love to chat and get to know the person not just ideas and books they have read, I am able to make the above statement.

  7. Ok you Narcissist, you’re proving the point of us Introverts. Again you don’t think before you speak.

  8. I am an introvert and I am a confident person. It’s true that we despise extroverts, because they keep talking without thinking, and they are foolishly overconfident that they are the smart ones. But infact, we should not hate them. We should know that they are weaker than us because they cannot live without the approval and appeal of others. And whether they agree it or not, introverts are more intellectual than they are..

  9. I completely agree with No 4. Dont steal my thunderstorm . I also blame some what the pop culture for showcasing that every “out of the picture” person or thing can be fixed.
    Also i dont like glee

  10. True. Sometimes extroverts can judge us. Even some of my school teachers say that I need to stand up and speak. I don’t get it, if they are teachers, they should at least have knowledge about that topic. They are also pushing me to talk to other students. Oh puh-lease, I don’t want that “hello, hi” situation anymore. Whenever people greet me, they are likely to ask stupid questions like: How are you? What did you do this weekend? What are you doing?” Oh, for goodness sake, why could they like to know what I am doing? I could usually say this sentence. And I think this word is a bit boring now: reading.
    And even if I am journaling, someone could likely to burst in the room, unannounced and shit! They could certainly ask me that stupid question again. I am bored with socializing.😑😤

  11. I feel sad because I’m quite an extrovert person, and many of my friends are introverts. Now I worry that they secretly hate me but since I never stop talking they never have the chance to tell me! Jokes aside, I do worry I make them uncomfortable.

    1. Hey Montse, I am sure that they would tell you if you were actually making them uncomfortable. Don’t worry about it, us introverts don’t hate extroverts.

    2. As an introvert I can confirm that they hate you. They are just avoiding confronting you.

  12. PoorOppressedIntrovert

    Extroverts are stupid, loud, rude, shallow, obnoxious, judgemental, narcissistic, overly confident, jerks.

    1. I am an extrovert person and I can tell that I do not have a single trait from those that you listed . We are not these things , you are just so jealous that you will never be confident and that you will never overcome your insecurities😉
      Try to have therapy and stop being so jealous of others

      1. Both introverts and extroverts are awesome. This post was written from a place of humor.

        And maybe PoorOppressedIntrovert had a few bad experiences with extroverts, but I do not agree with the generalization and name-calling. Anyway, let’s all be kinder to each other, please? We have bigger things to deal with right now.

      2. Dear flamenco, it’s definitely not about jealousy. I think extroverts need therapy or the Bible, Jesus loves solitude , unlike the go pagans go go go . If you personally don’t have those traits you probably aren’t an extrovert. Ha. However by your defensiveness I can tell you are definitely an extrovert. I find they simply can’t handle the truth!! Even now during this pandemic you got extroverts hanging out windows banging pots and pans, screaming look at me look at me, haha,, I think you all need to shut your mouths use your pots and pans for cooking and let the universe enjoy some of this silence!! Introverts make the world a better place. It’s just less chaotic and noisy.

        1. Shut the fuck up bro. As an introvert myself, you’re an embarrassment and you’re an asshole. You’re not any better than the people you complain about.

          you’re very judgmental, rude, and obnoxious. OH those are extroverted traits? Well you “introvert” you fit those traits too

          You’re very toxic I wouldn’t want to be around you

      3. “Flamenca”, it’s ridic that you think introverts are introverts because they lack confidence. I feel sorry for you, you are damn stupid and don’t even know it. Rotflmao 🤣

      4. No you extroverts are delusional obnoxious assholes who think ur hot shit but usually end up making an ass out of yourselves. Stfu

      5. Hey Flamenca. We are not talking about confidence. We’re talking about introversion. You have no idea…Do you? You think you know what you’re talking about, when you don’t. That’s why smart people think you’re all fools. But I know some extroverts who are smart.

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