How Sonya Mulkeet Is Revolutionizing Mental Health & Changing Lives With Her Stories

Sonya Mulkeet Founder of Project Nightfall

If you are active on Facebook, you have seen at least one video featuring Agon Hare of Project Nightfall. Of late, Agon’s videos also feature his lovely girlfriend, Sonya Mulkeet. While viewers appreciate her authenticity and charm, few know that she is also the COO of Project Nightfall. She helps Agon run business operations and writes scripts on sensitive social issues. Even though she is a social media influencer in her own right, Miss Mulkeet is quite the enigma. As a fan, this is my attempt to change that by sharing her story.

Life changed for Sonya when she stopped going with the flow.

At just 26, Sonya comes across as a confident, sorted, and happy young woman. One might assume that she was privileged enough to be born this way. That assumption is 100% untrue. She is who she is today after facing her demons with bravery and therapy. Let me begin at the beginning.

Born and raised in Singapore by her single mum and maternal family, Sonya describes herself as mostly coasting through life. In her late teens and early twenties, she struggled with mental health. Things came to a head in January 2020 when she no longer had the strength to go on. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD convinced her that life was no longer worth living. Thankfully, she was able to talk herself out of suicide.

From then on, she devoted her time to inner work.

Intelligent people confront their demons after hitting rock bottom. Miss Mulkeet decided she was no longer going to allow anyone to take the blame for her life situation. She actively worked on figuring out what changes she needed to make to improve her life, and then she made them. With the help of thorough introspection and therapy, she discovered her psychological patterns, limiting beliefs, and disempowering thoughts. Doing so helped her first change her internal dialogue and then her life.

Around this time, she met Agon Hare, and soon the two of them started dating. Months later, when Agon began to focus on his own channel, he invited Sonya to join him, and that’s when she entered the world of content creation.

Therapy taught her that it was possible to turn your pain into power, and she harnessed the lesson in her content.

After working with Agon for close to a year, Sonya realized the power of stories and how they can impact millions of lives. This inspired her to use her newfound knowledge of content creation, psychology, and her own experiences to reach the past versions of herself. She began creating videos on mental health and self-love on the side. Her narration of personal experiences with heart and humility connected with viewers instantly.

A bad life situation doesn’t have to mean a bad life: one of the most uplifting mental health videos online

Today, she also creates videos on contemporary subjects like women’s well-being and sociocultural issues. Her vulnerability and authenticity are why fans feel connected to her. As she says,” I focus on relatable topics that everyone goes through but few talk about. If I’m passionate about something or I’ve learned something that helped with my growth, I share it with my followers so we can grow together!” Isn’t it beautiful when influencers open up about their struggles to help viewers navigate similar challenges? Little wonder then that she has 200,000 followers on social media in less than a year.

And a lot more is going on behind the scenes.

Sonya has co-founded an international charity organization with her partner called The Project Nightfall Organization. The mission is crystal clear: use the power of social media to empower suffering people and communities to reinvent their lives.

Project Nightfall Organization ImpactThe global impact of Project Nightfall Organization

Personally, she is also working on making therapy accessible to marginalized and underprivileged folks. She is currently building a drop-in center in one of the most advanced metaverses, TCG World. Her mission is to connect those who most need therapy with affordable therapists in the metaverse.

Even with a full plate, her drive to uplift people remains as high as ever. With her vision of empowering people to take charge of their own lives and survive challenges, it’s natural to root for Sonya. I know I am.

Sonya Mulkeet is a social media influencer with a heart of gold. You can connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn

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  1. Enjoyed the feature. Always glad to see a fellow Indian speaking out about issues that matter. Time to end the stigma

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