Truth And Lies: A Poem For Survivors Everywhere

Peaceful Girl

**Prologue:  All too often, when something goes wrong in a woman’s life, say a failed marriage or a sexual assault, she is squarely blamed for whatever has transpired. As she valiantly struggles to put the fragments of her life back together, she has to deal with umpteen wagging tongues too. Worse, her transgressor gets to walk away from it all, pretty much safe and unscathed.In a better world, every female who has been wronged would get the justice she deserves; the punishment would fit the crime. Click To Tweet In real life, few are able to avenge some degree of the agony inflicted on them. But in a parallel universe, I don’t have to dream of retribution for all victims and survivors. Because over there, it is ultimately a given.**

They pontificate and fabricate sick tales

To gloss over many unmistakable fails

Label her a ruinous ‘she asked for it’ witch

Call her names like whore and bitch

But she’s decided to ignore it all

Because eventually, the curtain will fall

So go ahead, sully her name all you want

Truth will win, lies shan’t

4 thoughts on “Truth And Lies: A Poem For Survivors Everywhere”

  1. Nothing has changed even in 2018. Women are blamed for failed marriages, and what have you. Men do walk away unscathed. Worse is that it’s the women who don’t stand by you in time of crisis.

  2. I feel sad we still live in a World where this happens on a daily basis. It’s 2018 and we still can’t get it right!

    I hope one day that parallel universe you mentioned will become reality.

  3. They might get away now, but there will be absolutely no absolution for them in the afterlife. For God is watching us all. Great poem, I could relate with every single word. Hope to see more such rhyming poems from you. Personally speaking, I have grown tired of the ubiquity of free verse. Sorry for digressing, just had to say it.

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