5 Things Every Mother Should Keep In Mind In 2020

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A mother juggles every day so effortlessly that she often forgets to focus on other things. With every passing day, the world is changing and so are the trends that affect a mother-child relationship. Today, just being a mother is not enough. You have to be your child’s best friend, sibling, therapist, literally everything.

You must be wondering why this is essential. Well, in today’s world, to maintain a transparent, healthy, and an effortless mother-child relationship is a challenge; however, there is an opportunity as well. Here are some things every mother should keep in mind this year:

1. Tech savvy is the new cool

Being technically sound or having basic knowledge about the same will not only help you strengthen the bond with your child, but also help you learn something new. Learn how to click those selfies, do online shopping, watch programs on Netflix with your kids. While monitoring your child’s activities on social media is fine, don’t make them feel uncomfortable about it. Motivate them when they exhibit their work on social media, tag them in those funny memes – keep it engaging. The more relatable you are with today’s generation, the more they will open up to you.

2. Therapy is normal

Let’s not get worked up when our kids want some ‘me-time’ or even if they ask or choose to see a therapist. It is important for all of us to take care of our mental health issues and seeing a therapist doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a mother. Listen to them, help them out, let them pour their heart out to you. See and understand them as an individual, not just your child. That is when you can also be a therapist and help them overcome whatever they’re struggling with.

Accept their identity

Accept them for who they are and give them the freedom to be whoever they want to be. Let them be a tattoo artist, a stand-up comedian or even a mobile app designer. Respect their sexual preference and the identity they’re born with. Embrace it with love and encourage them to be who they want to be. Remember, freedom starts at home.

4. Participate with them

Participating with them in activities or hobbies that they love will help you develop a better and friendlier relationship them. Draw and paint with them, enroll for dance classes together, go on a Yoga retreat, cook contemporary cuisine, travel with them, and grow together.

5. Show, don’t tell

Kids do not learn what we say to them. They inculcate and do the things we DO. Instead of teaching theoretically or asking them to Google it, show them how something is supposed to be done. Show them how that healthy salad is made, how they should plan their investments, how to fold clothes. The more you demonstrate, the better they will understand.

Krupa Shah is an abstract artist, entrepreneur, mentor, philanthropist, and a proud mother of three wonderful daughters. You can purchase her intriguing artwork at Mojarto.

2 thoughts on “5 Things Every Mother Should Keep In Mind In 2020”

  1. Some real actionable pointers in here. In my case, I really need to warm up to therapy and try and be less judgmental of my daughter. It’s weird how is parents forget that we were no angels when we were younger too. Happy Holidays, Mahevash :)

    1. That’s great, Stacy. I think age does that to everybody, parent or not! Happy holidays to you too :)

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