How To Be Successful In The Worst Economy

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We are facing the worst recession in 90 years due to Covid-19. Many of us have lost our jobs or taken pay cuts. In an exclusive interview, success consultant Virin Gomber talks about limiting beliefs and the role of mindfulness to help one be successful in the worst economy since the Great Depression.

In this economy, how did you transition from broke and stressed to the successful and blissful person you are today?

When we talk about ‘economy’, it doesn’t matter what era we are in, the most common response from a majority of people is that times are hard. In fact, when I was going through a very difficult phase in my life about eight years ago, I felt the same. The only difference was that I had a well-paying corporate job that I had just started.

Deep within, I knew that this wasn’t what I wanted my life to be like. As a result, I started losing productivity. I also started to accumulate stress, which slowly grew and went up to the point that one morning when I woke up, I didn’t want to go to work.

Eventually, I quit my toxic job. But it was too little too late. I became lazy, gained weight, and felt tired all the time.

Life seemed to be a big burden at the time. I felt stressed, depressed, and clueless.

Still, for some reason, I believed that my purpose was to create something bigger than I could imagine. Because I had been regularly meditating since my teen years, I was able to stay sane in spite of my inner turmoil. Soon, I began looking for answers to my questions.

And then I discovered mindfulness. Initially, I thought it was another form of meditation, another passing fad. But as I dove deeper, I realized that mindfulness is a way of living that can lead us to success, happiness, and balance.

This was a huge turning point for me as it led to transformation at all levels. I was able to eliminate all the stress and overwhelm from the past, reclaimed love in all my relationships, boosted my health, fitness, and energy levels, and then went on to achieve financial freedom.

I established my Success Consulting business in order to share these lessons and strategies with others.

Could you let us in on how you help exhausted entrepreneurs and individuals eliminate stress and achieve work-life balance?

My clients are entrepreneurs and professionals. I help them achieve the rare combination of financial success and peace of mind through my 6-week online program called ‘The Mindfulness Powerhouse’. It comes with training videos, exercises, guided tracks, mastermind community, and regular support.

There are 4 key pillars that I introduce to learners in the program that help them identify the source of their stress and struggle. Once that is then, we work on simple strategies to eliminate the stress that is blocking their success and balance of mind.

My powerful program offers not just a new way to think, but also a new model of living.

When you retrain your brain and reprogram your mind with the strategies in this system, a complete transformation is ensured. You emerge as a completely different person who is empowered to be on auto-pilot success.

What can we do as a hustle-obsessed society to deal with increasing levels of stress and burnout at work?

That’s a really good question, Mahevash! I’m glad you asked this. I know the word ‘hustle’ is thrown around a lot these days as a ‘selling tool’ and also as a way to demonstrate how hard-working we are.

However,  hustle culture is toxic and has a negative impact on our mental and physical health. As a result, we’re feeling more overwhelmed and stressed now than ever.

The first step we need to take is to be mindful of our vocabulary. Our thoughts and words create our reality. It is crucial to recondition the programming of the words we use to describe ourselves and our lives.

For example, if you keep saying, “I’m very busy these days. I don’t have enough time for my relationships or myself“, then that’s the reality you are reinforcing. Remember: words are powerful. Change your words, change your life.

Can mindfulness help all kinds of people, from the unemployed to the overburdened, in our new normal?

Absolutely, it can. In fact, it’s not a new concept for anyone. The majority of people do a variety of things in their life mindfully. But they are doing it unconsciously and occasionally.

People just need to follow a sequence of proven steps and create a successful framework for themselves to help create a ‘new normal’ – a ‘mindful life’.

And this program helps them achieve this new model of living. It sounds hard, but honestly, it’s easy to accomplish as long as one makes the commitment to reconstruct their lives.

Virin Gomber is a Success Consultant, Mindfulness Trainer, and Inspirational Speaker. He delivers a unique blend of intelligence and passion to empower people with a solution-focused mindset for successful breakthroughs and balance in their professional and personal life. Check out his free mindfulness training at

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