Dispute Is No Less Than A Disease, Says Namita Shah


Can you remember the last time you had to wait for something you really wanted? If you can’t quite recollect it, you are not alone.  Today, a few clicks are all it takes to meet basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, and transportation. While many systems and organizations have upgraded to deliver our need for speed, the Indian judiciary is as slow as ever.  Since justice delayed is justice denied, Presolv360 was founded to bridge the gap between justice and time. Co-founder Namita Shah talks about how the online dispute management platform blends technology and human expertise to provide an effective and pocket-friendly alternative to the court system.

 What is the story behind Presolv360?

Presolv360 is co-founded by three of us – Aman Sanghavi, Bhaven Shah, and me. For each one of us, certain events transpired that compelled us to start up. Being a CA and lawyer, I have worked closely with the diamond and jewelry industry. I have witnessed top companies crumble to bankruptcy within months – only due to disputes turning demonic.  Not only were these companies ruined, business relations and families also fell apart. I knew that all of this could have been prevented if there was a proper dispute management platform in place.

Aman, who comes from the insurance and management background, struggled with unsettled claims for years. Even in cases where all the paperwork was in order, victims only received misery instead of insurance money.

Bhaven, also a CA and lawyer, has dealt with courts for almost a decade. In a particular matter, a Supreme Court Judge told him, “Son, your father started this litigation, and your son will have to conclude it.” This was our tipping point. We wanted to be the change that we wanted to see in the legal world. That was when Presolv360 was born.

Why should people choose an online dispute management platform instead of our country’s age-old legal system?

We provide effective dispute prevention mechanisms, collaborative dispute resolution systems, fast-track and cost-effective alternatives to courts, as well as protection from uncertain outcomes and adversities. All this makes Presolv360 first of its kind across the globe.

So while a court takes an average of 13 years for disposal of a case, we resolve a dispute within three months. Instead of spending lakhs of rupees in litigation, our clients spend only a fraction of that amount.  Our approach to dispute management prevents litigation and safeguards relationships. What’s more, we eliminate the inconvenience of waiting in long lines and carrying heaps of documents.  We manage all documentation and resolve any dispute online.  Presolv360 has also been recognized by the Union Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India.

Given that anyone can get into legal trouble, your clients must come from all walks of life. Tell us about your most interesting case so far.

We worked on a case where the sole breadwinner of a family passed away in a motor accident, leaving nothing but the responsibility of three children, mounting debt, and a torturous litigation. After half a decade of running from pillar to post, dealing with erratic lawyers and barely making ends meet, the victim’s wife had another decade to go before she could get any resolution from the court. Via the Presolv360 mechanism, the matter was resolved within a span of 50 days.

We still remember how she thanked us for saving her with tears in her eyes. And that is what keeps us going every single day. We know we have the potential to save lives because dispute is no less than a disease, if not worse.

How will Presolv360 change India’s judiciary in the next five years?

Our mission is in line with the Government’s objectives of improving the ease of doing business, moving towards a digital India, tackling pendency of litigation, and bettering the business and investment climate of our country.

Our work complements the existing court system in India and is an initiative towards easing the burden on the judicial machinery. Presolv360 and the courts are like the wheels of a bicycle; we both need to work together to move forward. There are certain matters which have to be addressed by courts and there are several matters which can be resolved without the interference of courts.  Our aim is to create this crucial and critical filter, such that only allow those matters which actually require litigation end up in court. This way courts can focus on dispensing justice, the government can focus on governance, and citizens can enjoy a dispute-free life.

If you have any legal matter you wish to resolve quickly, economically and successfully, you can email the team at info@presolv360.com or give them a call on +91-7710048834.

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