Last night, I dreamt that I was having a dream within a dream. When I woke up, I couldn’t tell if I was awake or asleep. Needless to say, today was a nightmare of a day.

Reading about hypnagogia inspired this post. Read more about it here: Hypnagogia: The Good and The Bad

10 thoughts on “Hypnagogia”

  1. :D Happens to me also at times. I call it Inception :P :D
    But the feeling which I get at that time is, I am dead and my soul is still residing in my body, my eyes are able to see the black without the flaps open. :)

    1. Haha welcome
      Yr title name is interesting, did give me a smile, thanks.
      Yes one parents hysteria can be another parents hilarity.
      Since I entered into parenthood recently, I’m getting the hysteria and the hilarity parts.

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