Reaching Out To Influential People – Here’s How I Did It


In Interview With The Publisher, I mentioned that my publisher had a brilliant suggestion for my book. Brilliant, yes. Easy, no! What did he suggest, you ask? That I reach out to influential people and get quotes on their personal experiences with misunderstood clichés.

At the time, I thought,” how hard can getting 20 quotes be? A lot of people will be interested in contributing.” Was I wrong!

Contacting anybody you don’t know is tough. Can you imagine how unnerving it was emailing influentials? Although I had done it a couple of times before, I had never done it on such a large scale. Plus, there was the pressure of getting a positive response.

There was an upside to this daunting task, however. I learned that not everybody says no in the same way. Some decline politely while some respond with silence. Whatever be the case, I realized that I do not have to take rejection personally. After all, they aren’t rejecting me they are rejecting my proposal. It may be a fine line, but it IS there.

So far, I have just got a few quotes. With a prayer on my lips and hope in my soul, I am still sending out emails. And I won’t stop until I get the exact number of quotes I need.

14 thoughts on “Reaching Out To Influential People – Here’s How I Did It”

  1. after working for 3 years I have stopped taking things personally. Mostly it’s just how people are. SOme are awesome at helping out and some are awful. Whatever the case, keep your chin up and keep smiling. Keep sending those queries and reach out to as many as you can. :) You will get there dear. All the best.

  2. I never take rejection personally. There could be a hundred reasons why the person can’t help and none of them might be about me. Good luck with your search for quotes. Your determination will get you there :-)

  3. There is a fine line my friend, and you are spot on. They are NOT rejecting you but rejecting your proposal. Do not take rejection to heart or personally. What a huge lesson to have learnt! Good luck with getting those quotes together…I am sure it will happen, sooner rather than later! :)

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