Pandemic Poem: Nothing Has Changed For Us

pandemic poem nothing has changed eggs image

The media keeps saying that this is the new normal
But for my kind, everything’s the same

Sorry, not sorry, I’m going to chuckle
It’s funny how the tide has turned

The very people now struggling to work from home
Loved telling me ‘must be nice’ in a condescending tone

Karma’s got a great memory, can’t get past her
She’ll make you pay if she’s in the mood for justice

See, some of us aren’t “normal”
We telecommute because we can’t travel

When this blows over, I hope you’ll remember
Being in an office is so much easier

4 thoughts on “Pandemic Poem: Nothing Has Changed For Us”

  1. I have lived most of my life away from home. Made to move out in childhood itself and learnt to live alone over the years. So staying inside wasn’t a big challenge for me.
    However, a big impact of lockdown was that I didn’t get to travel.

    1. I know, right? As a homebody myself, staying inside wasn’t a problem initially. But now, I miss going out anywhere…

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