Scrolling Or Strolling? How Phubbing Impacts Your Love Life

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Phubbing, a portmanteau of “phone” and “snubbing”, is the act of ignoring the person you’re with in favor of your phone. While it may seem like a harmless habit, phubbing can have a significant impact on relationships. It is even considered an addiction by several experts.

Too much screentime can ruin your love life

One of the most obvious ways phubbing affects relationships is by creating a sense of disconnection. When one partner is more interested in their phone than in the person they’re with, it sends a message that they are not valued or important. This can lead to feelings of hurt, frustration, and even resentment.

Phubbing can also interfere with communication. When one partner is constantly checking their phone, it can be difficult to have meaningful conversations or connect on a deeper level. Over time, this can erode the intimacy and emotional connection in a relationship.

Another way it affects relationships is by creating a power dynamic. The person who is constantly on their phone may be seen as the one who holds the power or is more important. This can create tension and even lead to a sense of competition between partners.

Phubbing can also impact the quality of time spent together. When one partner is more focused on their phone than on their partner, it can feel like wasted time or like the relationship is not a priority.

How can you stop snubbing your partner with your phone?

It’s important to set boundaries and prioritize time together without distractions. Putting away phones and other devices during meal times, date nights, and other special moments can help to create a deeper sense of connection and intimacy. Additionally, taking breaks from technology altogether can help to re-establish healthy communication patterns and rekindle the romance.

Now that smartphones have become our constant companions, sometimes it can be hard to know when you are overusing your device. You can use apps to be aware of the amount of time you spend with your phone instead of your partner. Some apps are good at assessing your addiction levels and which apps distract you the most. Some apps specialize in app blocking and monitoring and let you compare your usage with other users. But instead of using multiple apps, the smart move is to use one app that does it all. And one such app is Offline.

Download Offline by Scarletoak Technologies

Offline App Interface

Offline is an Android app that helps reduce screen time one day at a time. The app tracks and monitors your daily phone usage. It helps you cut down on the time you spend on social media through features such as a distraction bucket, app block, usage analytics, and mood journals. It also helps you destress with curated well-being activities like yoga, mindfulness, and breathwork.

The best part of Offline is its 7-day challenge: all you have to do is complete simple daily tasks to reduce usage levels over a period of 7 days.  On completion of each task, you are motivated to keep going with coupons, rewards, and tips.

I have been using Offline to reduce my time on Instagram, and I have noticed my mood is visibly better on days when I complete my daily task. Offline has helped me be more present when I am spending time with friends and family. I can actually set my phone aside without feeling anxious and focus on what my loved ones are saying.

Don’t let your phone ruin your relationships. Click here to download Offline from the Google Play Store. 

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