When Will We Stop Blaming Religion For Violence Against Women?


#LoveJihad is trending on Twitter. Again.

The focus of every Tweet I have seen so far is that a Muslim man has killed a Hindu woman. The same goes for a couple of newspaper headlines. It’s obvious: the idea is to promote Islamophobia.

Wait a minute. Before you make any assumptions, I don’t support any religion. I am an apatheist, a person who is apathetic toward the existence of God. Whether God exists or not is moot because God doesn’t care about us. Even if they cared at one point, it doesn’t matter anymore because they have given up on humankind. And let’s be honest, can you blame God for turning their back on us? But I digress.

The truth of the matter is violence against women exists across ALL religions. Can we please focus on the main problem: misogyny? Enough with the religion blame game already! 

Until we change our collective mentality, violence against women is here to stay. As citizens of India, we must ignore divisive commentary on religion and come together to fight regressive social norms that consider women as lesser beings than men. 

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