I Joined OnlyFans Because Even In A Pandemic, Sex Sells

I Joined OnlyFans Because Even In A Pandemic, Sex Sells

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I used to be a copywriter in the promised land known as the United States of America. Life was good: I am a natural marketer and the job paid well.  Life changed when COVID-19 began to spread all over the world – and fast. My savings began to run out and I could no longer afford to live in my rental home. One alcohol-fueled night, I noticed someone’s Tweet about their OnlyFans account. I had been seeing quite a few of these racy accounts of late, and while I never judged, I couldn’t see how someone could expose themselves online. The World Wide Web is a dark place, after all. Once you post something, it’s out there forever.

Anyway, in a moment of desperation, I signed up and posted a couple of explicit booty shots. I have a shapely backside, so I thought I had a shot at making some money. It’s not like I had a bunch of options anyway.

Well, I kept at it and it all paid off pretty soon. The fact that I studied the craft of taking sensuous and crass ‘belfies’ helped too. It’s only been three months and I make a respectable amount of money thanks to my online sex gig.

For the first time in my life, I’m glad that sex sells no matter what. The economy is a mess and well, OnlyFans helps make this kind of risque work safe, if not easy. I’m not proud of what I do, but I’m not ashamed either. What hurts the most is how sex workers are shamed and disrespected. Shouldn’t the ones who pay for it be held responsible? After all, they are the ones demanding it.

Anyway, people can judge all they want. I really don’t care because I’m only doing what it takes to keep myself alive. Plus, the very people who claim to be holier than thou are often the ones pursuing us on these platforms. Oh, and for those who think this is easy money, think again. The job is hard on the soul because of a myriad of reasons like slut-shaming, creeps, privacy concerns, etc, etc, etc.

Anyway, I’ve learned to unconditionally respect sex workers.  I’m glad that I won’t have to create this kind of content forever. This experience will end as soon as I land a regular gig again – and believe me, I am actively hunting. Until then, OnlyFans will be my primary means of sustenance.

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