Managing Stress While Growing A Business In The Age Of COVID-19

Managing Stress While Growing A Business In The Age Of Covid-19
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Entrepreneurs who are launching a startup or trying to grow a business these days are likely experiencing a bit more stress than usual. COVID-19 has been throwing a wrench into the best-laid plans for quite some time now. The pandemic is taking its toll, provoking anxiety in even the most stoic of business owners.

Whether you are starting a business from the ground up or trying to nurture a business toward growth and prosperity, times are tough. Business owners and entrepreneurs have been feeling the burn of the sluggish economy in the age of COVID-19. Now more than ever, it is necessary to reduce stress and anxiety while continuing to achieve business goals.

Methods for Reducing Stress and Anxiety

There are hundreds of ways to reduce anxiety and stress. An important aspect of managing these emotions is being authentic about them and acknowledging their impact. As the Mahevash Muses blog shows us, being real about our struggles and facing them openly is liberating.

Entrepreneurs often put in long hours, and this can often result in zero to little self-care. During stress-provoking times, it is even more important to stick to self-care routines such as eating balanced meals, getting adequate sleep, and taking exercise breaks. Consider setting a schedule for yourself that includes consistent start and stop times for your workday.

Self-care products can be practical for limiting stress and improving health. Collagen supplements can improve skin and promote healthy nails, hair, and joint function. The amount of time it takes for collagen supplements to show their effects can vary from person to person, but most people see results after twelve weeks. Other helpful supplements for stress reduction include Vitamins B12, D, and C for their immune-boosting effects.

Meditation is another method of reducing anxiety and stress. Busy entrepreneurs can benefit from short, guided sessions that can be accessed free on YouTube. The American Institute of Stress has a list of well-regarded apps for stress-reduction. There may be more time for self-care when business owners build in methods to limit stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

Business Strategies for Reducing Stress

It can be difficult for entrepreneurs to prioritize stress and anxiety reduction. The truth is, these emotions don’t evaporate when we ignore them, and they can take a long-term toll on health. Entrepreneur stress is a real thing, after all. Business owners, therefore, need to be ahead of the curve when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety.

Delegating tasks is a crucial part of reducing daily anxiety and stress for entrepreneurs. Trying to run all aspects of your business is sure to send you on a path towards burnout. It may also surprise you that delegation is key to business growth, according to a 2014 Gallup study. Staying focused on the tasks that demand your management skills also means better use of your time and energy.

If you have a public-facing business model, such as a store or a restaurant, train all staff members to monitor COVID-19 compliance. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, yet business owners often take the brunt of the stress regarding COVID-19 regulations. Designating workers to perform compliance checks and routinely sanitize workspaces ensures that your staff and customers follow CDC guidelines. This shared responsibility and personal accountability can also enable you to take vacations without fretting about your business.

Take a Break

Take time off from work even if you do not end up going anywhere. Disconnecting from your business affairs can offer an energy reset that can boost your problem-solving abilities and dissolve stress and anxiety. To ensure that you follow through with taking vacation time, sign up for weeks off as soon as the new year rolls around.

Stress and anxiety are normal emotions, but they do not need to be constant features of your daily life as a business owner. In order to reduce anxiety, it must be acknowledged, and a consistent plan for self-care should be considered. Employing stress management techniques and creating a business strategy to reduce pressure can help make your work life less challenging.

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