The Food & Nutrition Business Is Big Right Now – Here’s How You Can Get Started

Food and nutrition business

Food, Nutrition, And Business In India

Over the past few years, the food industry in India has seen a switch from unhealthy junk food products to healthier and nutrient-rich products. With the evolution of food and growth in technology, people initially preferred instant/fast foods and junk foods as they are easy to prepare, save time, and are tasty. But soon people realized the danger of such food due to lifestyle diseases like obesity, high levels of sugar, pressure and cholesterol levels, etc. and thus began searching for healthier alternatives.

Recent trends have shown that one out of every ten people in India is interested in following a healthy diet at least once in their lifetime. In particular, there is increased awareness regarding mindful eating among the youth these days, thereby making them prefer nutrition-rich healthy food items over junk foods.

When it comes to food and nutrition, people tend to go for products which are nutrient-rich, easier to cook, tasty but healthy at the same time and have FSSAI food license approvals including FSSAI registration, etc. So, if you are planning to start a business out of food nutrition in India, make sure that the products you launch cater to the needs of your customers.

What You Must Do To Start Your Own Nutrition Business

Here is a step by step guide on how you can start your own food business in India:-

1. Find An Item That Can Be ‘Healthified’

Do a little market research into the food products that have been introduced within the past 10 to 15 years. Identify a food item that could be modified into a healthy product instead. Then all you have to do is introduce it as a tasty alternative to the present items in the food industry.

2. Focus On Health, Taste, And Quality

When it comes to any food item, these are the three main qualities people focus on: whether it is delicious, whether it is nutrition-rich, and whether it is FSSAI registered.

3. Don’t Forget About The Personal Touch

People tend to trust raw human emotions and personal stories – more so in this age of digital disconnection. Sharing the positive results achieved by people who used your products or narrating the story of the person behind the food item will help the customers to relate with your product and compel them to buy it.

4. Use Government Resources To Your Benefit

The government offers resources like incentives and loans to food start-ups that promote healthy eating habits. Make sure you utilize these resources as much as you can.

5. Treat Your Customers Well

The key to a great business lies in treating your customers well and giving them the best service possible. Giving discounts, fast delivery services, ensuring quality, etc. are some of the ways in which you could please your customers.

6. Build Trust

Building trust among customers only comes with time and effort. Ensure that a)quality products reach your customers and b)they are satisfied after using your products. Over a period of time, your brand will become trustworthy for your target audience.

7.  Brand Yourself As Reliable Via Food License and FSSAI Registration

It is often difficult to get people to believe that your product contains so and so nutrients, vitamins, etc. just by printing some words on a label. It is a consumer’s right to know what your product contains as verified by an official body. In India, the FSSAI or Food Safety and Standards Act India has enacted certain measures in order to ensure the safety of food items by eliminating the presence of any toxic ingredients.

Moreover, classifying your food products under the right category is very important. Most food businesses tend to fool customers into buying their products by promoting the false belief that their products are nutrient-rich and healthy without following any of the food safety measures. The Food Safety and Standards Act India is the authority that ensures such statements of businesses on food products are scientifically approved. Hence if you are starting on your nutrition-based business, make sure to get your food product licensed with the FSSAI registration as soon as you can to gain consumer confidence regarding the quality and authenticity of your products.

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  1. The healthy food business may be big, but with so much competition in the market right now, it’s very hard to establish yourself. I’d say it’s damn near impossible.

    1. True, but then that applies to almost all lines of work. And as they say, competition is good, right?

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