Why Nostalgia Is Bad For Your Peace Of Mind

why nostalgia is bad for your peace of mind
Looking back at the times gone by
When things were simpler and slower
Is best done in moderation
Too much of it is dangerous

It makes you live in the past
Crave for years that can never come back
Instead of being in the moment
Creating memories to cherish in the future

Nostalgia is insidious
Though it’s no longer thought of as a mental disorder
And the Internet can’t get enough of it
Indulging in backwards time travel
For every little thing
Paves the way for sure sickness

4 thoughts on “Why Nostalgia Is Bad For Your Peace Of Mind”

  1. Hope 2020 is the year I finally stop living in the past. I am addicted to reliving good memories of childhood. Life was good then.

  2. I so agree! Speaking from personal experience, one more side effect of nostalgia is depression. It’s best to live in the present and also not take life too seriously.

  3. Yes living in the past is a waste of time and feelings. It’s one of my resolutions this year to be here in the present. Living in the moment is important to be sane and productive.

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