#RedefineNormalToday – I Am A Poet Who Hates Metaphors

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Okay, the title of this post came on a bit too strong. I don’t HATE metaphors, I just don’t like them. Honestly, I’ve never been one for them. Yes, they are beautiful and I do enjoy the occasional poetic turn of phrase but that’s about it. My poems are typically straightforward and easy to understand for this very reason.

It’s not like I can’t get lyrical, it’s that I don’t want to. The very thought is a huge turnoff. Of course, owing to the fact that I don’t like them and use them sparingly, I’m not great at using metaphors, but I think I can employ them when required.

Still, I try to ensure I use them only when it is absolutely necessary. Because I believe that poems shouldn’t be hard to figure out. The message a poem is trying to convey is far more important than how beautifully it is written. Beauty often creates complications, and this is true even in the case of poetry. Given a choice between simplicity and beauty in a poem, I’d choose simplicity any day.

PS I love Sylvia Plath and anyone who knows how to make their metaphors WORK.

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2 thoughts on “#RedefineNormalToday – I Am A Poet Who Hates Metaphors”

  1. Okay, I am not sure if I am in the minority here, but I too prefer poetry that is straightforward and easy to understand. Metaphors can be beautiful when used sparingly, but I see way too many poets overusing them just to show (off) that they can (?) The result is a poem that needs to be read over and over again just to grasp the meaning. And let’s face it, who has the time and patience for that kinda stuff nowadays?
    Phew. Stopping myself from going on a rant. Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy the simplicity of your poems. There’s a certain kind of beauty in simplicity as well.

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