12 Mental Health Tips To Feel Good Again

Mental Health Tips To Feel Good Again
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Anxiety, stress, and depression. You may have heard that these are some of the new mind-related diseases of the 21st century. Owing to the COVID-19 outbreak, they are on the rise. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to be aware of certain tips to ensure good mental health.

In this age of chronic busyness, sometimes it’s hard to avoid the feeling that your head is going to explode, right? So without further ado, let’s take a look at 12 mental health tips to feel good again.

1. Walk with your head held high

Ever noticed that when you are in a good mood, you walk with your head held high and your shoulders upright? Indeed, being happy can change the way we walk. Does the opposite also work? If you slouch and walk, does it impact your mood?

According to research published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, walking with a slouch affects one’s mood negatively. In addition, people who walk in this manner are perceived by others as negative. So if you have a mild to moderate case of the blues, remember to look up and maintain a good posture while walking. It’s simple, it works for me, and it will work for you too.

2. Take fewer photos

take fewer photos
Are you obsessed with posting on Instagram? People who take photos of literally everything they see, listen up: photographing everything compulsively can not only ruin your vacation, but it can also damage your memory.

This was proven in a study that evaluated the memory of some volunteers. They took a tour of a museum, with one group taking pictures of every possible detail and the other group just observing the pieces. Those who took pictures barely remembered what they had just seen, while observers had everything on the tip of their tongue.

3. Don’t Let Anyone Put You Down

dont let anyone put you down
Bullying is something most people experience during childhood and adolescence. The worst part is that even adulthood is not always free from this nightmare.

It could take the form of unprofessional behavior at work, verbal abuse from a loved one, and so on. Bullying deeply harms one’s self-esteem. It’s not easy to stand up to your tormentor, so feel free to consult a therapist to build up the courage to report it.

4. Get Physical

Physical Activities Are Necessary
Exercise is good for the mind and the body. Did you know that exercising thrice a week reduces a person’s chance of depression by 16%? 

Multiple studies have proved that there is a direct link between physical activity and happiness, so remember this each time you don’t feel like exercise. Over time, this frequency will reduce and you will actually look forward to your workout sessions.

5. Make Time For Your Interests

make time for your hobbies
Granted, we are all busy. But no matter what, it is important to spend some quality time pursuing your interests. If you don’t do that, life will become dull and boring. And when that heaviness sets in, it’s hard to feel cheerful.

So please, no matter how packed your schedule is, regularly spend some time doing whatever you like. It will give you something to look forward to.  Whenever I write some Shayari (poetry), I have noticed that I am more energetic and cheerful, even on the most tiring days.

6. Be Selective When It Comes To Relationships

stay away from toxic people

Whether they are romantic or platonic, learn to maintain relationships that are not toxic. We need to stay away from those who attack us psychologically or physically. For example, if the person you are dating criticizes you all the time, makes you feel inadequate, etc., it may be time for you to review your relationship. You need to assess everything honestly to see if you are actually at fault or they are attacking you for no reason.

No matter who they are, walk away or at least keep a distance, and establish clear boundaries. Toxic relationships often destroy a person’s self-esteem. Still, many of us refuse to see them as toxic and don’t say anything. Also, in an attempt to not lose the loved one, many people take physical or emotional abuse, which ultimately damages their mental health.

7. Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Don’t Take Life Too Seriously
Do you know someone who is never late, works for a whole day without smiling, takes everything literally, and does not find time to unwind? Not only are they being dull, but they are also shortening their lifespan.  Yes, taking life too seriously is harmful.

We all learned the proverb ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ in English class. Well, guess what? It’s not just a saying. Multiple studies have proved that having fun is healthy for the body and mind and something we should all make time for.

8. Sleeping Well Is Essential

Sleeping Well Is Essential

When you deprive your body of the rest it needs, your health will suffer sooner or later. Sleep deprivation has become a serious lifestyle issue around the world. Thanks to toxic hustle culture and the allure of glowing screens, many young people are sleeping just enough to somehow make it through the next day.

If you are one of them bleary-eyed folks, know that a good night’s sleep will not only improve your immunity and energy levels, but it will also boost your mood. If you sleep poorly due to insomnia or some other health issue, seek medical help. Also, avoid using your cell phone or laptop at bedtime – it worsens the quality of your sleep.

9. Embrace Solitude

Being Alone Is Good

Having time just for you is critical to your mental health – especially if your home is full of people all the time. Spending time in your own company is great for building better relationships too. Think about: if you get bored when you are alone, doesn’t that reflect poorly on you?

For a few minutes per day, make an effort to relax all by yourself. Anything goes: from hiking and working out to listening to music and reading, do whatever rejuvenates you.

10. Make Calls Instead Of Always Texting

Make calls instead of always texting
If you think messaging is a great way to keep in touch, we have news for you. This is far from the most effective way of talking to someone. Yes, we are a texting generation, but it’s imperative to occasionally make phone calls to the people in our life. As archaic as the practice seems, it has valuable results.

Dr. Clay explains that conversations on the internet should be seen primarily as a form of entertainment because “these are not real conversations that allow us to understand people.” Clay’s opinion is shared by many behavior experts, as is the case with Michael Mantell. According to him, conversations through social networks impact our ability to sit and talk to someone in person. Yikes.

11. Limit Screen Time

Limit Screen Time
If you always know the whereabouts of your charger and cannot stay away from your phone for more than an hour, this is definitely not a good sign. Technology stimulates us all the time, which is problematic as we never end up really resting.

Did you know that the overuse of electronic gadgets causes depression and anxiety attacks? I am not making this up – and here’s proof of the same. To avoid this, make sure you limit device usage. A digital detox at least once a month is a good idea too.

12. Stop Multitasking

Stop Multitasking
Eating while texting someone or Tweeting and watching a movie is harmful, especially when we take this habit to other areas of our lives. Recent research has revealed that no matter how much a person feels they are more productive when multitasking, the truth is that it just makes you angry and stressed. It affects your concentration too.

So put your phone aside while eating, don’t browse social media at an event, and so on. Also, whenever possible, do one thing at a time. This will make your brain process each activity better so that at the end of the day, you will not feel like an overworked robot that needs to be charged.

Which of these tips will you be implementing to improve the quality of your mind and therefore, your life?  Let me know in the comments below.

Vasid Qureshi is a blogger and internet marketer. In his free time, he loves to read and write poetry and quotes. You can check out his writing at https://www.atozshayari.in/.

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