#RedefineNormalToday – I Want To Know When I Will Die

Image Via Artificial Intelligence News

Most people I know are afraid of death and do not wish to be in a situation wherein they know when they will die. While I am a teeny bit afraid of death (given that it’s permanent and mysterious), I want to know the exact date on which I will leave this world.

I know it sounds like I am being morbid and eager to die, but I am not. I want to know exactly how much time I have got left so I can make the best use of it. Think about it: if you knew you only had say, five years left, would you waste that time worrying about your upcoming death or use that time to do make your wildest dreams come true? I am certain I would opt for the latter. Since death is coming for all of us anyway, it might be better to know some details about its arrival, right?

What would you do if you knew how much time you had left to live? Let me know in the comments below.

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